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Writing a resume is a crucial step in the job hunting process. But if you are looking to land a particular job, you need to ensure you target your resume and that you tailor it to the vacancy.

CV Advice

If you are applying for a sales job and then a customer service job you will need to change your resume writing considerably. This is because in each case you will want to highlight different skills and mention different work experiences and achievements.

It’s crucial that when you apply for a job you tailor your resume because it will impress the employer and could help you to gain a job interview.

To target your resume you should; 

  • Look at the job advert and ensure your resume answers all of the requirements
  • Look at your resume template and highlight key skills that relate to the position
  • Assess the responsibilities of the role and try and demonstrate how you have fulfilled these responsibilities in previous positions
  • Tailor your career objective and personal statement. If you are applying for a job as a Plumber, there’s no point in listing your desires to be a teacher in your career objective. Keep it relevant!
  • When writing your personal statement try and mention personality attributes that make you the perfect candidate for the role.

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