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When you are writing a resume you need to include all of your relevant work experience. So what order do you detail these in and what do you include? We’ve listed some ideas below.


Interview Tips


Listing your work experience in order of relevance can be really beneficial if you are going for an industry specific job. For example, if you want to work in Marketing and held a position in it several years ago, you should bring that to the top  of the resume as it will gain the most attention. This is similar for any field you want to work in. If you have work experience or have worked on projects that suit the role, highlight them at the top of the resume to ensure the employer sees them.

Chronological Order

If you are applying for a non-industry specific job or to an industry that you have progressed in, it’s best to detail your work history in chronological order. This will give the employer an idea of your current skills and duties and will also show your career history and progression.

Skills Based

If you have had gaps in your employment or are currently working in a job that doesn’t fit your career progression path, it can be beneficial to secure an internship or volunteering role in your chosen field. This will allow you to gain more skills that you can put at the top of your resume template.

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