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Recruitment companies can be really great for your resume. They often work on job vacancies that are not made public, have various industry contacts and have lots of experience in how to search for a job. So working with one and sending them your resume template can be a great way of marketing your resume and networking. Here are some ideas of where to find recruiters… Resume Tips

Send Your Resume Directly

Sending your resume directly to a recruitment company is the easiest way to get recognised. Ensure you spend time writing a resume and extract key information i.e. if you are sending your resume to an admin agency, highlight your admin skills. A recruiter will then usually ask to meet you so you can then mention what kind of job you are looking for and get the most out of your job search.

Social Networking

A lot of recruitment companies use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote job vacancies. Ensure you follow relevant companies and interact with them by mentioning industry news. You could also consider providing a link to your online resume or career portfolio.


Many recruiters will visit job sites to search for candidates by job title or location. Consider joining a job site and promoting your work.


Go to industry networking events as they are a proven way of meeting industry contacts and you could even find out about new job vacancies.


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