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When you are writing a resume and applying for a job, you’ll obviously be thinking about your own application and why you want the job. But to really impress during the application process you should put yourself in the employer’s shoes and try to answer some of the questions they might have. CV Tips

If you are preparing to send your resume out to an employer it’s still vital that you concentrate on your own motivations and perfecting your personal statement. But if you step into the employer’s shoes for just a minute you’ll be able to identify gaps in your application and it will help you stand out from the other candidates.

Firstly you need to identify some of the qualities an employer will look for. Reliability, enthusiasm and creativity are just a few of the key skills most employers will look for. You then need to consider whether your application displays this enough for you to get to the interview stage.

Here are some things to consider before you send off your job application;

  • Does your application display the relevant skills requested in the job advert?
  • Does your resume highlight the relevant work experience needed to succeed in this position?
  • Have you got relevant qualifications or education?
  • Does the cover letter explain why you want the role and why you are the best candidate for it?
  • Have you included any relevant examples of work?
  • Have you answered any questions the employer might have posed in the job advert?
  • Does your application demonstrate what qualities you can bring to their company?

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