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If you are writing a resume and finding it a tad boring to read, check out the tips below on how you can make your resume more creative.

Resume Advice and Tips


Resume templates are a great way to find inspiration on resume layout and design. Templates from your chosen industry can give you an idea of how to structure your resume, what images to include and what layout to use. Most employers receive lots of resumes every week and so if yours is a standard resume – written in black font and printed onto paper – it may not be as eye grabbing as it could be. Instead think about images you could use and colours to stand out from the crowd.

Work Experience

Your work experience tells the story of you as a candidate so it should be interesting and relevant. If you are applying for a specific job you should include similar roles and demonstrate how you have the skills for the prospective job. This will entertain the employer and will keep them interested in your application.


Volunteering and working for charity can be very rewarding and it can also add content to your resume. Consider sending your resume to local charity shops, community initiatives and events. Working for organisations like this can boost your resume content and can help you to meet industry contacts.


Hobbies can add creativity to your resume and application. If you have an interesting hobby and have some achievements to list, then ensure you include them on your resume as it will show the employer your personality and individuality.

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