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When writing a resume you’ll need to keep it short and sweet – usually two pages or less. For many people this is difficult but for others a lack of work experience can leave them struggling for content. If you are finding it tough to make your resume longer take a look at these tips.

Resume Advice and Tips

Elaborate on Work Experience

If you have had only one or two professional jobs you may find it hard to fill space on your resume. But you can increase the length of your resume by elaborating on your work experience. Highlight your key responsibilities, talk about your duties and detail work projects you have completed.


If you need to ‘beef up’ your resume you should consider adding facts and figures from your previous employment. Use the achievements section to detail previous projects you have completed and demonstrate how you had an impact in the role. Use facts and figures to demonstrate your work.

Talk About Your Hobbies

Usually the hobbies section of your resume is short but if you are struggling to fill the page it would be a good idea to elaborate on these. Try and keep your hobbies relevant to the job you are applying to – for instance, if you are applying to work in a sports shop talk about your interest in sport and any teams you are a part of. Elaborating on your hobbies will not only help you to fill the page but it could help the employer imagine what you would be like in the work place.

Mention Extra Curricular Work

If you have not got a lot of work experience consider discussing projects you have worked on outside of work. It could be volunteering for a local charity or completing an internship. Ensure you talk about these on your resume to show your versatility.


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