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Resume writing is tough especially when it comes to resume length. You need to include all of your relevant achievements and key skills without writing too much content. So how much content should be on your resume? Resume Advice and Tips

There is no right or wrong to this but generally speaking, employers won’t have time to read pages and pages of a resume. You need to get to the point and make all of the relevant information easily accessible. Therefore restricting your resume to one or two pages is advisable.

If you do need to make your resume longer i.e. add snippets from your career portfolio or add extra work experience, then just ensure it is easy to read and you highlight the key skills early on.

If you are struggling to condense your resume to one or two pages here are some tips;

  • Check the content on your resume template and ensure it is relevant. Delete any work experience or content that isn’t relevant to the job – you can talk about this during the job interview.
  • Make the resume font smaller but keep it legible
  • Look at the resume vocabulary – if you have used ‘fancy’ words you’ll be surprised how much room they take up! Consider cutting these down and simplifying the language
  • Look at other resume samples to see what they have included and how they cut the content
  • Look at your resume layout – is there another template or layout you can use that would condense the text?
  • Look at sections that might not be as crucial as others i.e. if you have written lines of text for the hobbies section, reduce this to accommodate for other sections


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