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Generally, most people say that an employer will pick up your resume and look at it for up to twenty seconds before they decide whether to carry on reading. So with such a short amount of time to impress, you should ensure your resume is written and designed to the best possible standard. Here are a few other ideas that might help your resume to get noticed in less than twenty seconds:


Resume Writing

  • Consider the design of your resume very carefully. It needs to look professional and not text-heavy. It’s important that you keep it simple and easy on the eye as well as packing in as much information as possible. (Check out our resume templates for ideas of designs).
  • Highlight your key skills! Don’t bury your skills within a paragraph of text – make them jump out from the page.
  • Introduce relevant work experience by highlighting it or ordering it correctly. If you are applying for an office job, and your office experience is at the bottom of your resume – move it to somewhere more visible!
  • Outline your personality and future aspirations in your personal statement. Employers like to have an idea of the candidate so they can see whether you will fit in with the company and employee atmosphere.
  • Grammar. Ensure your resume reads perfectly before you send it out!
  • Tell them why you want to work for them. This is usually done when you are writing a cover letter, but you can make reference to this in the personal statement too.

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