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The majority of employers use online resources to look for candidates and advertise opportunities. So to ensure you maximise your chances of finding a job you should create an online portfolio to attract employers.


Resume Writing


Before you create an online portfolio you need to decide what kind of content you want to display. What industry are you trying to attract? What job are you looking for? What work projects have you completed to high quality? After you consider all of this you will be able to compile some content for your portfolio to impress prospective employers.

Upload Your Resume

Uploading your resume template onto your portfolio is essential. It will demonstrate to an employer your skills, previous experience and results you have achieved. Your resume template can  further support your experience and make your portfolio more credible.


As with all online media, pictures should be chosen to showcase your work. If your portfolio is purely text this could make it quite boring to read and may not give the right impression to employers. Keep them interested by using creative images and examples of work.

Show Your Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is great but it’s of no use unless you show it to employers. Use social sites like Twitter and Linked In to show your portfolio and give employers the link to your portfolio during the job application process.

Creating an online portfolio will boost your chances of securing a position but it shouldn’t replace your original resume so ensure you keep your resume up to date to send to employers.

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