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When you are writing your resume you can improve the content quite easily by including buzz words within your writing. Buzz words are typically words that en employer will be looking for in your application to help them assess if you are the right person for the job. Whether it’s to do with relevant work experience, skills, qualifications or personality – buzz words can really help to improve your resume writing. Here are some buzz words to consider:

Resume Advice and Tips


Using the word passionate throughout your resume will really demonstrate to the employer how much you want to work in the industry and how much you want the job. Being passionate about your career and the role will instil confidence in the employer. An employer will want to hire someone who they feel will give all of their efforts to the job and showing you are passionate about it will demonstrate this to the employer and will hopefully contribute towards you gaining a job interview.


An employer will look for determination on your resume because it will indicate what type of employee you are going to be. You may be presented with difficult tasks within the role or you may need to problem solve on a daily basis. Determination is a characteristic that will show you are capable of working through difficult situations and that you can achieve results.


Versatility is crucial to get across on your resume. If you demonstrate that you are versatile on your resume the employer will be assured that you can adapt to different tasks and that you can work well in different team situations. Most employers look for versatility in employees so try to demonstrate this in your resume by including examples of previous experience.


Whether it’s turning up to work on time or staying late to finish a project – an employer will want to know you are motivated to do your job and excel in the position. Including this in your resume and cover letter will hopefully improve your chances of winning the job.


There is so much competition within business nowadays that employers want to find candidates that can take their business to the next level. Showing that you are an innovative person in the workplace will show the employer that you are creative and have new ideas which can be very desirable.

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