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Creating a career portfolio is a really good way of boosting your job search. It brings together all of your hard work in an easy to read format and supports your job application. But there are some definite things to avoid when it comes to creating a career portfolio. Career Portfolios

The entire purpose of putting together a portfolio is to support your resume template, express your creativity and previous work experience and to show you are dedicated and organised. But when you are creating your portfolio there are a few things you should avoid:

  • Don’t get lazy. Your portfolio takes a long time to create and can be quite tiresome. But it’s important that you don’t give up because there is only really a benefit when you show off your best work.
  • Avoid unprofessional packaging. There are lots of different folders you can choose to showcase your work but if you choose something unprofessional it can ruin your portfolio before it’s even opened!
  • Don’t list old work first – try and keep your current and best work at the front.
  • Take out any work that doesn’t show your best ability – it’s all about showcasing your talent.
  • Don’t leave out information. Describe your work with quotes and comments – maybe even try and include quotes from previous employers.

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