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If you are looking for a job and finding that employers are not getting back to you, don’t despair. It could simply be that you need to explore more avenues and open up your job search with more tools. There are so many ways to look for work and it’s crucial you use as many resources as possible.


Looking for a Job


The majority of employers advertise their vacancies online either through social networks, their own website or job sites. This is a crucial place to look for work as the web is constantly refreshed so you should be able to keep up with all of the latest job vacancies in your area. Online job searching also allows you to apply for jobs instantly. By the click of a button an employer can receive your resume and cover letter. If you are using online job search tools it’s crucial that you have an up to date resume template to email to employers and that you create unique social accounts on all the major social networking sites. This will boost your online presence and can help you expand your job search.


Most local areas have a local newspaper that produces job pages and these are still a really effective way of looking for work. Many employers, especially small organisations, will use newspapers to advertise positions as it can sometimes be a cost effective way of advertising. To ensure you keep ahead of new positions buy the paper on job day and highlight any jobs that are relevant.

Job Boards

Job boards can be found on the internet or in your local store. Many employers will post adverts and vacancies online and in local stores to maximise their exposure. Ensure you check these weekly and note down anything of interest.


Networking at industry events can help you to find industry contacts, enhance your expertise and it can also lead to finding a job. Draw up a list of local networking events and attend with your resume to hand out to prospective employers. A networking event is most useful when you get out of your comfort zone and talk to people so ensure you interact.

Handing Out Your Resume

Taking your resume directly to an employer, even if they are not advertising a position, can sometimes be effective. Most employers will say they will file your resume and contact you if a position arises but you could hand it to someone who is hiring so it’s definitely an avenue worth exploring.


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