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The latest US figures show that more people than predicted have been claiming for jobless benefits. The claims are currently at 380,000 and so it is clear that the job market is as competitive as ever.

If you are currently job hunting, read these tips to help you maximise your search.


Looking For a Job

  • Keep your resume writing up – it’s vital that you look at your resume template frequently during a job search to keep it packed with new information.
  • Practice cover letter writing. While you are looking for a job spend time drafting cover letters for industries you would like to work in. The more you write down, the more your mind will be focused on any potential jobs that might come up.
  • Job interview practice. If you are job hunting ensure you catch up with a friend and ask them to help you practice for an interview. It can really help you feel relaxed and can improve your chances of winning a job.
  • Look everywhere! Are you maximising your job hunting by looking in a variety of places? Don’t just stick to the weekly newspaper, ensure you are looking online and contacting relevant recruitment companies to help.
  • Attend networking events. This is a great way of meeting business contacts and finding out about new work opportunities.


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