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Attending a careers fair can be a great way of finding employment. There are usually hundreds of companies all looking to promote their services and find fresh candidates. To make the most of your time with them you should ensure you prepare for the day.


Careers Fair

Look Over Your Resume

Ensuring you print out several copies of your resume template is just one aspect of the preparation. You also need to proof-read it and ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Check over the content and put your contact details at the top. Have these ready to give out to prospective employers.

Find Out Who is Attending

Finding out which companies will be at the careers fair is great for preparation. You can check to see if there is anyone you would like to work for, practice some questions and check over your professional resume for any relevant work experience.

Print Business Cards

This is not essential but if you are specialising in a particular field why not have some business cards printed? This will demonstrate your skills and is good for promoting your experience.

Dress Code

Just like when you go to a job interview you should choose your outfit carefully as picking the right one will help you to give off a good impression.


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