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If you are currently unemployed you may be feeling tired of job hunting. But don’t despair – there are millions of people across the country in a similar situation. It’s crucial that you stay focused during a job hunt to ensure the best possible results. Here’s how to plan a job search if you are unemployed. Looking for a Job


Having a daily routine is a great way of keeping motivated and proactive during a job search. Without a routine you could find yourself not applying for jobs for days and then you could miss out on new opportunities. Ensure you have a structure to your day by treating it like a day at work. Take regular breaks to keep motivated too.

Update Your Resume

It’s crucial that you keep your resume template updated throughout your job hunt. You never know when the perfect opportunity will come up so you need to be prepared to send your resume off quickly.

Use a Variety of Resources

If you wait patiently every week for ‘job day’ in your local newspaper and only apply for these positions then you may be waiting months for a job. It’s important not to limit yourself by sticking to one resource. Use all your options – the internet, recruitment agencies, job boards and other employment resources.

Social Networking

With more companies on social networking sites than ever before it is imperative you check company social sites as this is the first place they will post company news and vacancies. Consider creating your own account and interacting with the companies too as this may help you to get noticed.


Keep persevering with your job hunt. The right job won’t appear overnight so it’s important to stay motivated and to return to your routine every day until you find a vacancy.

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