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Writing a professional resume and writing a cover letter is vital in any job search. Both can speak volumes about your experience and personality but networking events are an even more effective way of displaying your qualities.

Attending networking events and meeting people face to face is very beneficial when looking for a job. Often you can meet potential employers or find out about businesses you didn’t even know existed. But with so many events to attend it can be difficult to pick the right ones.

Networking to Find a Job

When attending a networking event you should:

    • Search your local area for business networking events. After all there isn’t much value in meeting an employer that is based hours away from your home. It is very unlikely you would send them your graphicly designed resume unless you are looking to relocate.


    • Pick events that match your career paths. For instance, there could be a specific event tailored around online marketing. If this is the field you want to explore then it is definitely worth attending.


    • Take your business card. You can have these printed fairly cheaply now and they really are a great way of making a good first impression and ensuring your name isn’t forgotten.


    • Talk. It is crucial that you don’t attend these events to simply sit on the sidelines. Talking and building conversations is the best way to network. Use the conversations to talk about interesting things in the media or in your industry and try to introduce some background information about yourself and your expertise.


    • Do not eat and/or drink too much. If you consume too much of the complimentary wine you may find yourself slurring. This will not make the best impression!


    • Although it’s crucial to start conversation, do not dominate it. People attend events to talk to people and nobody likes to be talked at. So keep it equal.


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