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There might be a number of reasons why you are looking for a part-time role instead of full-time. Lifestyle, career choice and family commitments are all reasons for searching for part-time work – but how and where do you find it? Part-Time Jobs

In today’s economic climate part-time work is actually more readily available. Many companies are looking to hire individuals for a few hours a week and this is particularly true during Christmas and other holiday periods.

Where to Find Part-Time Jobs

There are a variety of places to look. Generally speaking stores, restaurants, hotels and the high street will have part-time vacancies all year round. You could also interview with an employment agency and ask them to look out for temp positions for you – it’s not uncommon for temp positions to turn into permanent employment. Searching the internet and job boards is also essential. Here are a few other tips;

  • Look at signs in your local store and see if they are advertising
  • Check the local paper on ‘job day’ to see who is advertising
  • Network – ask your friends including those in full-time employment. Perhaps they know of something temporary at the company they work for?

Sending an Application

Just like any job application it’s crucial that you look over your resume template and establish what experience you have that is relevant. Try to draw upon this when you are writing a cover letter. Ensure you make it personal to the employer and detail what skills you can bring to their organisation. If you have some relevant work experience make sure you highlight this. If you have spotted the vacancy in the paper then send your application in the relevant way but if you have seen it on a notice board in a store why not take your resume in personally? This might give you the opportunity to meet the employer face to face.

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