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Thousands of people look at moving abroad every year. Whether it’s lifestyle, a career move or personal circumstances, people move across the globe all of the time. If you are planning on moving away, you’ll probably be starting to look for a job and be preparing your resume. Here are some tips to help you maximise your job hunt:


Looking for a Job

  • Update your resume template and ensure it remains fresh. During your job search check your resume every week to update it and add content.
  • Have you travelled previously? If so include this either in the body of your resume or in the hobbies section.
  • Write down any relevant work experience. Just like looking for a local job, when you are applying for a job in a different country you need to show that you have previous experience and relate it to the job role.
  • Ensure you write a detailed personal statement. Unless you are being flown out for an interview, the employer is going to have very little opportunity to meet you so ensure you explain your personality, career motivations and aspirations. For some ideas of what to include on your personal statement read building your personal statement on your resume.
  • If an employer receives an application from a candidate overseas they will probably be wondering why you are looking to move. Consider including a brief explanation when you write a cover letter.
  • Contact international recruitment companies. Ensure you network with recruitment companies as they should be able to find you opportunities in your chosen area.

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