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There are a number of job roles out there for both introverts and extroverts. If you are an introvert you are probably finding the thought of job hunting very worrying. It can involve networking with people you don’t know, spending time in large groups and not being able to work as independently as you may like. But follow these simple steps to help you maximise your chances of securing a job interview.

CV Tips

Research, Research, Research

The main point to tackle first during a job search is your research. If you are an introvert you will probably be looking for a particular environment – perhaps a small company with a close-knit working environment. It is crucial you research a company before you apply for a job. If not you could end up applying to a company that doesn’t suit your personality or career progression path.

Job Role

Identify the right job role for you by sitting down and making a list. Ensure you cover all of the crucial points – working environment, career opportunities, team work, social aspects of the role and day-to-day responsibilities. Once you are satisfied that the role will compliment your personality you need to write a resume and start applying!

Use Your Existing Network

If the thought of attending a networking event with hundreds of people doesn’t appeal to you – don’t despair. You have no doubt got some work experience and will already have professional contacts. Ensure you use your existing contacts during a job search to find out about any new opportunities.

Socialise with Extroverts

Try spending time with people you consider to be the complete opposite of you. Although you may feel unsettled at this thought, mixing with people who are different may help you to identify personality traits that could help with applying for jobs.

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