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Some people (if they are lucky) know exactly what kind of career they want and train as a specialist in their field. Others take years to find a job they enjoy and it’s not uncommon to lack direction when you are job hunting. So, is having a specialism an advantage when you are looking for a job? Working in a Specialism

What Does a Specialism Mean?
A specialism means working within a particular industry, a niche market or a specialist position. These positions often require particular training at college or by having work experience in the field – which should all be added to your resume template. There is a variety of specialism’s out there including Journalism, Engineering, PR, Marketing, Locksmith, Plumbing and Heating, Software Specialists, Analysts etc

Advantages of Being a Specialist:
Working towards a role in a specific industry/role can be advantageous because:

  • Your professional resume will be sought after in your industry
  • You could have more job opportunities, if your industry is hiring
  • Higher pay depending on the specialism
  • You will be relied upon – especially if you are the only one within the organisation who has this specialist knowledge

But there are also disadvantages:

  • You can pigeonhole yourself and your resume
  • If your chosen specialism is not hiring you may find it hard to adapt to a more general role
  • You could have less job opportunities, if your industry isn’t hiring

Whether you have/don’t have a specialism here are some tips to widen your job search and opportunities:

  • Gain experience in a variety of sectors to increase your versatility – if you are able to why not try volunteering to boost your resume
  • Study a few different skills – customer service, for example, is invaluable to most companies
  • Spend time networking, either in your chosen industry or outside of it. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will be made aware of.

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