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If you have been looking for jobs but have yet to be invited to an interview, check out our tips below on how to step up your job hunt! Looking for a Job


It can be hard to keep your focus during a job hunt but it is vital if you want to secure a job interview. If you lose focus and start applying for any job going, you could end up diluting your efforts. It’s much more effective to spend time on each job application to ensure it is tailored to the organisation.


You need to keep motivated during your job search so ensure you take regular breaks. Exercise is a good way of relieving stress and helping you to keep motivated. It’s OK to step away from the desk every so often!


If you haven’t had much success with finding a job, attend networking events to increase your profile. Attending networking events with your resume template can help you to raise your industry profile and could even lead to a new job opportunity.

Be Direct

Don’t be afraid to contact employers directly as this can sometimes pay off. You can phone an employer or take your resume into them. Either way – being direct and thinking outside the box could help you to secure a position.

Be Persistent

Job searching can take a long time and you won’t find a job overnight. It is vital that during a job search you are persistent. Patience is vital too so ensure you keep your resume updated, keep applying for jobs and attend networking events in your local area.


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