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Often job vacancies are advertised internally before being opened up to the general public. And if you are working in a company that has an internal vacancy then this can mean that you have exclusive access to a job before anyone else.  But just because you work at the company, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be given the job.


Looking For a Job

When you are sending in your resume template for an internal job you should treat it like any other job application. Remain professional and try your best. Even though it is likely that the recruiter knows you, you need to highlight your key skills and let them know why you would be the perfect fit for the job. Here are a few tips on how to ace an internal application;

  • Keep your resume template updated. It’s vital that you keep your content fresh as you never know when a vacancy might become available.
  • Target key areas of the business that you would like to work in and make professional contacts.
  • Network with key employees and ensure you attend work socials to build rapport. This will also allow you to get insider knowledge of the position.
  • Check the company news bulletins and intranet to ensure you are up to date with company news.
  • Write a cover letter. Ensure that it relates to the vacancy you are applying for and highlight why you want the job.
  • Remain professional in your current role. The position you apply for, you might not get. So it is crucial that you don’t burn your current bridges. Remain positive and productive in your current job and if you are unsuccessful, keep a look out for new opportunities.

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