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When you begin your initial job hunt it can be overwhelming, quite simply because there are so many places to look! National newspapers, local newspapers, job boards, job websites, online recruitment firms…the list goes on.

Some online resources can be difficult to navigate too because there are so many search options. It’s important you use these sites correctly because, if not, you could end up wasting days searching for irrelevant roles.

So how do you use online resources effectively?

Online Job Searching

  • Brainstorm. It’s important that you brainstorm what type of role and industry you would like to work in. This is crucial at the beginning of the job hunt because you can incorporate this when creating your resume template. It is not very easy to start looking for a job when you don’t know what you want to do.
  • Make a list of online job boards. There are so many available but all it takes is a little googling to find relevant sites.
  • Choose a mixture. Try and include a mixture of job sites in your search. They could be local sites, industry specific sites and larger, national search sites.
  • Use the search tool efficiently! If you want to be a bus driver and you search for ‘manufacturing’ roles then it’s very unlikely you’ll find what you are looking for. Ensure you target the correct keywords.
  • Think outside the box. Perhaps your search hasn’t returned as many job openings as you would have liked. Why not try searching for a specific company that you would like to work for? If they haven’t got a specific job advertised, why not check their website for career opportunities or perhaps email them directly asking about their recruitment process? You never know, your email might meet the right person at the right time!
  • Be persistent. It’s not enough to do one day of searching online and then to give up. You need to ensure you’re checking the job boards at least once a week to keep up with all of the latest advertisements.

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