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Some candidates find themselves facing the frustrating rejection of ‘you are too overqualified for the position’. But can you ever be too overqualified? And what can you do to avoid this situation? Looking for a Job

If you send your resume template to an employer and you are invited to a job interview then that’s great news! But some candidates find themselves being rejected after the interview even though they may have demonstrated all of the relevant experience, have worked for similar companies and possess the key skills needed to do  the job.

Some employers will use the ‘overqualified’ rejection to justify their decision. In some cases this can be true – perhaps the role isn’t as challenging as your current position, perhaps the company is a lot smaller than others you have worked for or the achievements on your career portfolio could be far more than is expected in this new role.

But if you are frustrated with receiving this response here are some tips to help you avoid it;

  • Be honest with your resume writing. Don’t embellish too much as this could lead the employer to think you are too overqualified. Instead be honest about your work experience.
  • Write an effective personal statement. A personal statement can really help to build your application and can give an employer an insight into you as a candidate.
  • Write a cover letter that is personalised. Clearly state why you are making a career transition and why you want to work for the company. If you explain your reasons well on your cover letter, an employer is more likely to invite you to interview.
  • If you have a career portfolio full of achievements that are too big for the job, consider only showing the employer relevant achievements – not your entire portfolio. Be selective.
  • Explain your salary expectations. It could be that an employer looks at your resume and assumes you are going to want a much higher salary than they can offer. But explain, either at interview or in the cover letter, your reasons for wanting to change careers and be realistic about your salary expectations
  • Practice job interview questions. Prepare yourself for questions including the ‘overqualified’ topic so you can easily answer these at interview.

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