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If you have recently attended a job interview and have heard nothing back from the employer, you may be thinking your interview went badly. In preparation for your next job interview, check out the possible reasons why your interview may not have gone to plan below and some tips on how to remedy this!

Interview Tips

Dress Code

Dressing well for a job interview is essential if you want to impress the employer. Regardless of the company dress code most employers will be expecting you to turn up looking smart and professional. The job interview will probably be the employer’s first impression of you so you need to make it count!

Tip: If you attended a job interview recently and think your outfit wasn’t right, why not do some research on office trends and incorporate this in your next interview.

Lack of Research

One of the main reasons a job interview may not go to plan is lack of research. Due to the competitive nature of job searching, employers want to see candidates who have done their homework on the company and the job description. If you attended the interview and didn’t do this you may have found it tough!

Tip: Before you attend any job interview ensure you check the company’s website and match the job description to your resume.

No Rapport

Unfortunately rapport building is difficult and if you don’t get it right during a job interview it could leave the employer with a negative feeling.

Tip: Try to build rapport with the employer throughout the interview by relating your previous work experience to the job role on offer and also throw in some compliments about the company.

Lack of Skills

Your resume may have got you the job interview but if you didn’t portray your key skills or demonstrate how you have used them at work before in the interview, then the employer may have found it difficult to visualise your impact in the workplace.

Tip: Always try to highlight key skills that are relevant to the job opportunity and use examples from previous work or volunteering positions to show how you have used these in practice.


If you struggled throughout the interview you probably gave off a negative vibe before it even finished and this can affect the employer’s mood.

Tip: No matter what happens stay positive during a job interview!

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