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If you have been invited to a job interview you will need to prepare – from what to wear, to what to take with you. But preparing for an interview can be nerve wracking and sometimes you may find yourself forgetting things. Just in case, we’ve listed below some essential things you should take to a job interview so make a check list the night before and arrive fully prepared to win the job. Interview Tips

  • Resume template. Ensure you pack your resume as the employer will probably be using this to ask you questions so you need to know the content. Although the employer will probably have a copy of your resume, they may invite another colleague into your interview so it’s good practice to have multiple resume copies with you in case you need to hand them out. It will also allow you to do some preparation en route to the interview – read through your resume and familiarise yourself with the content and your work history.
  • Job description. Print out the job description and take this with you as it will demonstrate you have done your homework. It will also enable you to do some last minute preparation on what the employer is looking for – you can use this to match your skills during the interview.
  • Career portfolio. Take examples of your work along to the interview. There’s every chance the employer may not even ask for examples of work but you can use them to support any claims you make or to demonstrate work projects.
  • Notepad and pen to jot down any questions and any answers! If you ask the employer questions about the role, working atmosphere, responsibilities etc you need to write these down so you can assess them at home. Similarly, use a notepad to write down any questions you have for the employer as asking questions will demonstrate you are intuitive.


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