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If you have reached the job interview stage then you need to prepare for the interview – but how do you know what to expect? Although every job interview is different we’ve listed below some key traits of a job interview and some tips on how you can impress.

Interview Tips


Questions are the main point of any job interview. Whether it’s questions about your resume template, questions about your work history or questions about you as an individual – you should expect to be asked a variety of questions and you need to prepare to answer them! It’s almost impossible to predict what questions you may be asked but there are some standard questions most employers will approach during a job interview. Below is a list of possible questions – to prepare for your interview write down some possible responses and look at your work experience to provide some discussion points;

Tell us about your work background?
Why did you apply for this job?
What skills do you think you have that are relevant to this job role?
Can you tell us about some work achievements that you’re proud of?
Tell us why you are the right person for the role?

First Impressions

All interviewers will judge you on their first impression so you need to ensure you make a good one. Research the company dress code and ensure you turn up to the interview looking presentable. Time keeping is vital so allow plenty of time to attend the interview. You should also think outside the box – many interviewers will assess how you interact with other staff members as you walk through the building, not just them. So ensure you prepare for the day and think differently to other candidates who may have applied for the job.

Career Portfolio

If you are working in a particular industry, the employer may want to see examples of your previous work. Taking a career portfolio to the interview can help you demonstrate your past achievements and can help the employer to visualise what sort of impact you could have on their company.


Employers will often ask you if you have any questions towards the end of the interview – normally this is done to see if you have done your research on their company and have a real desire to work for them. Before your job interview spend time looking at the company website, familiarise yourself with their policies and show an interest in the role.

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