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What to Wear?

After you’ve had help writing a resume by using our professional resume templates, you are in a strong position to impress a prospective employer. But as well as having a strong application and cover letter, you need to think about first impressions at interview.

It’s great to have a professional looking resume, but if you don’t show up to a job interview looking just as professional, you could damage your chances of securing a job. We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but many people do, especially in the employment sector where first impressions count. So with that in mind…

Job Interview Tips

What Should I Wear To An Interview?

It’s important to get the balance right. You should dress professionally and conservatively but there’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of personality in what you wear. Obviously if you are going for a creative job it is important you show this side of you. So tailor your package to the relevant interview.

Some ideal outfits for a job interview (no matter what the job) are:

  • Suit
  • Dress
  • Skirt and blouse
  • Trouser and jacket

What Colour?

Although many people wear black to job interviews you should think about adding some colour. Plain black can portray authority and power – perhaps not the image you want to project on the first interview. Generally speaking neutral colours are a safe option. Brown, grey, navy blue and beige are all positive colours. Brown represents credibility, beige portrays a calming nature, grey demonstrates sophistication and blue represents honesty. Pick any of these colours depending on the image you want to project.

How Do I Accessorise?

Just like when you write a cover letter to tailor it to a specific job, accessories can be picked depending on the job interview. If it’s an office job wear simple, elegant jewellery. If it’s a creative job wear something colourful and bold! Maybe a bright tie or scarf. Shoes are even accessories. Just remember, keep it simple. Don’t wear lots of jewellery as sometimes it can distract the interviewer. Don’t wear wacky shoes that draw attention away from your face. Remember – you want to make an impression, but you want them to remember your skills too.


Depending on how comfortable they are, women should wear dress shoes to match their outfit. But it’s important to remember you might be walking through the office so don’t pick shoes you can’t stand up in. Men should always match their socks to the suit. If it’s a dark suit, don’t wear white socks. Remember, subtlety is the key. Beige or brown would work better.

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