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If you have been to college and are now looking for work, you’ll need to create a resume template and show the employer your key skills. But if you haven’t had a job before you can still show your key skills from your college experience. Here are three skills you may have learned at college that could come in useful for an employer. Interview Tips


All employers hiring will be looking for a candidate that is dedicated to the company and the role. When an employer advertises a vacancy they want to know the person filling it will be in the position for a while and that they have the dedication to develop the role. Whether you have been on a full-time course or part-time course at college, you would have had to hve shown your dedication by turning up to class, completing work projects and completing presentations. Ensure you mention this on your resume and cover letter when applying for a job.


During your time at college you will no doubt have had to come up with a project, create it and implement it. No matter what the project, showing this on your resume demonstrates that you are innovative, have create ideas and can see them through.


Most college courses require you to learn about a specific industry. Spending years of your life learning about a particular topic will help you to develop an expertise and if you complete any work placements or internships during this time then you should highlight how you applied your skills on the job.

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