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If you want to impress at a job interview you should try and decipher what exactly is required during an interview – check out our tips below to help you prepare! Interview Tips

The Focus Is on You

A job interview’s main aim is to decipher whether you are the right candidate for the position. An employer would have already seen your resume template and will have a host of questions based on this. Questions could include topics like your past work experience, qualifications, personality and any volunteering or charity work you have been involved in. An interview is to find out more about your resume and you as an applicant so in order to prepare for a job interview you should spend time focusing on yourself – revise your resume and prepare for possible questions.

Know the Job

The next step of a job interview is to find out about the position that’s available. You would have read the job description but it’s up to you to ask the employer questions about the job and career progression opportunities. As well as finding out whether you are the right candidate for the job, a job interview is also designed to give you the opportunity to see whether it’s the right job for you. Research the job role and responsibilities and prepare some questions to ask the employer. Also spend time researching other similar companies to find out what makes this organisation different.

Career Objective

You also need to look at your career aspirations and whether they fit with this organisation. The employer will want to know about your objectives and whether you can fit into the company long-term. So you should spend time thinking about your own aspirations and job hopes, the career opportunities available at the company and your development strategy.

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