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If you are attending a group job interview you’ll need to work extra hard to grab the employer’s attention. Here are a few tips on how to stand out.

Interview Tips

Turn Up Early

Punctuality is vital in every job. Most employers will be looking at your punctuality during the job interview as it will help them to form an opinion on what you may be like in the work place. In a group interview it is vital that you show you are keen and want to work for the organisation and one easy way to demonstrate this is by showing up early. Arriving to the interview ten minutes before it’s meant to start will help you to make a positive first impression and may allow you the chance to talk to the employer before the other candidates arrive.

Take Your Resume

Ensure you take along copies of your resume template.  Not only will this demonstrate that you are prepared but it will also be useful if there are a number of staff sitting in on the group interview.

Speak Up

During a group interview an employer will be looking out for candidates that show intuition, passion for the job and thorough knowledge of the company. The only way you can show this is by speaking up during the group interview. It’s crucial that you don’t let others take the lead so ensure you voice your opinions when able.

Be Yourself

Many candidates during group interview exercises will try and change their personality because they think it’s what the employer wants. But it is vital that you are yourself during the job interview – act how you would on a working day and show off your personality.

Chase Up

After the interview is done you should sent a thank you letter to the employer and chase up feedback during the coming weeks as this may help you to stand out from the crowd.

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