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One of the most important aspects of a job interview is the questioning. An employer will quiz you and want to know about your professional experience, key skills and relevance to the job. So how do you answer these questions well and get noticed? Here’s how:

Interview Tips


One of the best ways to prepare to answer questions well is by using all of your available resources. Visit the company website you are applying to and use Google to find out their positioning in the industry and the latest company news. You are sure to be faced with questions about the company i.e. why do you want to work for us? And the best way to answer this is by showing your knowledge and passion for the both the industry and organisation. An employer will be able to tell automatically whether you have done your homework so it’s important to show your knowledge. Use other materials like company brochures, social media sites and industry newspapers to find out as much background knowledge as possible. This will help you to answer any questions about your career path. Networking is also beneficial. Networking can help you to meet industry contacts and will also help you to raise your profile before the interview.


Job interview preparation is essential. After you have used all of your resources to gain knowledge you should prepare what you are taking to the interview. Printing off copies of your resume will ensure you have your resume to refer to in the interview and hand out to anyone else that attends. You may also want to take your career portfolio with you to highlight your previous work and achievements. You should also plan your route and allow for plenty of time to arrive at the interview to ensure you make a positive first impression.


Practice can make perfect. Practicing answering interview questions before the job interview can help you to feel more confident. It can also help you to answer questions more fluently and could help you stand out from your competition.

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