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You have got to the job interview stage and you are facing a number of questions about your work experience and resume. But how do you know the employer likes your answers? And how do you know whether the job interview is going well?

Interview Advice


If you have been building good job interview rapport, this is a sure sign that you are doing well in the interview. An employer will open up about the job and have a fluent conversation with you if they are comfortable talking to you and are interested in you as a candidate. An employer will only usually ask you questions based on your resume and career history if they want to know more. If you are in a job interview and the employer asks you questions about your experience, skills and career goals then it’s likely they are imagining you in the role.

Taking Notes

In a job interview you should ask questions and take notes if you want the employer to know you are interested. Similarly, an employer may make notes based on what you tell them to indicate they are interested in you working for their company. If an employer starts making notes about your salary expectations and your start date this is a positive sign.

Talking About the Company

If an interview does not go well, it’s likely that after you have been asked questions the employer will stop the interview. However if the interview is going well the employer will usually tell you more about the company, the daily role and the company culture. This is because they want you to have as much information as possible.

Contact Details

You will already have the company’s contact details but if an employer is keen for you to work for them they will usually hand you a business card or their direct contact number.

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