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Telephone interviews are very common. They are the first step in the job interview process – and they are used by employers to help them decide whether or not to invite you to meet them. So it’s crucial to ace a telephone interview in order to increase your chances of securing employment. Here’s how to ace a telephone interview.

Interview Tips


To impress an employer on the phone you need to know what their company is about, what the role is you are interested in and you need to outline why they need to meet you. One way of doing this is by researching the company. The company website should tell you about the history of the organisation and should also give you an insight into the company’s goals. Use this information and relate it to your own work experience and skills.

Write a Resume

You will probably already have a resume template but it’s wise to update and it and to refresh your memory before a telephone interview. Writing a resume and re-reading it before your interview can help you to answer questions more effectively.

Practice Your Telephone Manner

An employer will automatically judge you on the telephone as it’s the first impression they will get of you. Therefore spending time practicing your telephone manner can help you to progress to the next stage of the interview process.

Prepare Telephone Questions

As well as asking you some questions the employer will want you to ask them a few questions too. This will show that you are interested in the role and keen to progress. Use the company information to create questions and be inquisitive!


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