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During a job interview, an employer needs to make judgements about your personality which they couldn’t do purely from reading your resume. You need to be aware of issues they will be concerned about.

Here are the various aspects of a contract offer that you need to consider:

Punctuality and attendance job interview punctuality
Sometimes circumstances exist which make it difficult for you to maintain punctuality and attendance. These may include childcare, transportation and health. You need to consider how you come across in each of those areas and reassure the employer that complications will not arise, because of measures you have put in place.
Social skills and personality job interview social skills
An employer needs to be reassured that you will fit into their organization and will not cause issues with your co-workers. A friendly and considerate attitude at interview stage will calm those fears.
Trust job interview trust
An employer needs to know that they can trust you. This means trust to be able to carry out the tasks you are given and also trust that you will not try to deceive them. Make sure you consider aspects of your past which may give your employer concerns and have answers ready to address these issues.
Listening skills job interview listening skills
You need to show that you are a keen listener and dedicated to learning all the facts about a situation. Make sure you demonstrate good concentration throughout the interview and show a good understanding of their questions.
Ambition and loyalty job interview loyalty
It is important that you don’t raise concerns over your loyalty to this new position. Although most employers are realistic and wouldn’t expect to hear that you want to stay with the company for life, by the same token they don’t want someone who will jump ship a couple of months after being hired. If you have a work history which suggests ‘job hopping’ tendencies, make sure you have an answer for your behaviour and why it does not apply now.
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