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Becoming a Windsurfing Instructor can be a very rewarding career. There is usually very little time spent at a desk and you can spend all day working in a sport you enjoy.

In this interview, Tez Plavenieks, a qualified Windsurfing Instructor who now works in Copywriting and Journalism, tells Resume Surgeon about the industry and shares some resume tips for those wanting to become an Instructor.

Why Did You Want to Become an Instructor?

I started surfing at a really young age and have always enjoyed watersports so I thought about a career in the industry and decided to pursue the coaching side. I enrolled on a four month course to learn how to become an Instructor and that led to me being able to apply for positions both at home and away.

What Does The Course Involve?

I enrolled on a four month course but the actual instructor courses are around five days. Within this you are assessed on your skills, theory and knowledge of the sport, health and safety (including gaining safety certificates) and whether you can teach correctly under the sport’s governing body. Once you have completed this you can then start looking for work, either at home or abroad. I worked abroad when I was an Instructor and that meant teaching holidaymakers the sport. From there you can specialize in particular disciplines or go on to gain advanced qualifications.

What Does The Role Involve?

Obviously it depends on the company you are working for but being a coach is not a 9-5 position. You will often have to work at weekends and sometimes work six days a week. As well as teaching in the day you’ll usually be required to socialise with students in the evening and attend the end of the week socials. You definitely need to be sociable to enjoy the job.

What Is the Hardest Part of the Job?

You can get tired and sometimes you have to deal with difficult guests but the positives outweigh this!

What Resume Advice Can You Share?

Demonstrate your communication skills and that you are keen to learn new things. You should obviously include your qualifications on your resume too.

What Career Advice Can You Share?

For anyone wanting to become an Instructor, I would say go for it. There are lots of skills to learn along the way and you’ll meet some fantastic people as well as get to travel the world.

Tez Plavenieks blog
Photography: Julia Toms

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