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Working as a Bouncer can be challenging. Working either in a club or a bar, Bouncers are responsible for keeping crowds under control and mainting safety throughout a venue.

Resume Surgeon recently talked to Fred Kimble who has worked in the industry for 33 years in the UK. He tells us what it takes to be a Bouncer and shares some career advice.

When Did You Start Working in this Industry?

I was 21 when I was in a bar and stopped a fight that broke out. A venue owner who was there offered me a job and I have been working as a Doormen in different venues ever since.

What Does the Job Involve?

It can vary. The main reponsibilities include keeping members of the public and your staff safe and ensuring that venue nights run smoothly. On the door you could be checking ID’s, refusing people entry and diffusing incidents whilst inside you could be patrolling the dance floor and helping bar staff. Every day is different.

What’s the Hardest Part of the Job?

Handling abusive people is one of the hardest tasks. You have to be quite calm as dealing with drunk people is a regular occurence.

What Skills Do You Need to become a Bouncer?

There are no specific qualifications needed although a basic knowledge of first aid and self defence would be advantageous. It’s mainly personality traits that can benefit you in the role. An ability to deal with different personalities and remain calm under pressure is essential.

What Resume Tips Can You Share?

Try and demonstrate your personality (calm, decisive, adaptable) and that you can handle yourself in your resume by either highlighting this in previous jobs or referencing hobbies.

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