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• Friday, May 02nd, 2014


Hiring rates in the US have increased in recent months and the overall employment landscape is improving, according to a recent poll by Reuters.

Although it has been a long winter for people out of work in America, it appears the employment rate is starting to pick up again and April has been one of the most promising months when it comes to US employment growth.

The poll by Reuters suggested that employers across the US added over 200,000 jobs in April, which is almost 20,000 positions more than was added in March. It is thought the industries that are increasing headcount the most are the manufacturing and construction industries which are growing at a steady rate. Average hourly earnings also rose in April, by 0.2 percent.

Because of the increase of positions available the unemployment rate in the states has also dropped to 6.6%.

These figures have certainly had an effect on jobseekers too. Whilst many people who are unemployed have previously given up on finding work, it appears that more people are now looking for employment. The number of people in America of working age who are unemployed/employed and looking for work has increased which suggests many people have been motivated to look for jobs by the employment growth.

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