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• Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

us employment news

The latest employment figures from the US reveal that Texas is the number one job creator in the country.

State-by-state figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that Texas added 46,600 in July making it the number one state for job growth and employment during July.

During the previous month Texas had been second to Florida but managed to overtake the state for this latest set of employment results. The biggest hirers in Texas, the oil and gas and technology industries, are thought to be contributing factors to the job growth. With employees earning higher paid salaries in these industries, it’s suggested consumer spending increases and therefore demand for staff in the retail and hospitality sectors grow.

The oil and gas industry has seen a 7.8% growth rate during the last 12 month but it wasn’t only the oil and gas and technology industries affected by the growth. Figures suggest Texas has seen an overall employment growth in all industries.

In total, 396, 200 jobs have been created in Texas during the past year but experts expect this figure to increase dramatically during the next year. Experts are forecasting that Texas will add 480, 000 jobs during the next year.

It hasn’t been all good news in employment – with some states making substantial job losses. Thirteen states lost jobs overall with Ohio seeing the biggest employment decline with over 12,400 jobs lost throughout July.

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