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• Friday, June 20th, 2014

teen summer jobs

The job market has slowly been recovering during the past few years in America and it seems its well on the way – with more than 200,000 jobs being added to the economy in the past four months.

Overall hiring activity has improved throughout the US although it’s the teen hiring market that has made the most improvements. It’s thought summer job vacancies and short-term work opportunities are a contributing factor and this summer has seen the teen job market reach its biggest gain in 8 years. Summer jobs that become available like roles within restaurants, fast food companies, theme parks and holiday resorts are all thought to be contributing factors to the employment gains.

The figures, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, show that the teen job market has added 217,000 jobs in recent months – which is 2,000 more than last year. The figures are expected to reach highs over the summer and experts have suggested that the overall number of jobs added to this sector will be similar to last year – which saw 1.36 million teen jobs added overall.

As well as an increase in the number of summer jobs available there has been a decrease in the number of unemployed 16-19 year olds too. The jobless rate for teens in America is now at 19.2 per cent.

The increase in jobs available could help teens find and gain full time employment in the future too. One of the many reasons people struggle to gain a job fresh out of school or college is because of their lack of work experience. But with the number of new jobs being added it seems more 16-19 year olds should be able to gain some sort of experience to add to their resume which could improve their overall career prospects.

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