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• Tuesday, September 02nd, 2014

fast food workers strike

Fast food workers across America are preparing to go on strike this Thursday, reports suggest.

McDonalds cooks, employees working behind the counter at Burger King, staff at Pizza Hut and employees of other fast-food chains are reportedly getting set to strike over pay and healthcare.

Organisation Fight for 15 announced the plans of the protest on social media and the protest will reportedly see workers striking for an increase in their salary to a $15 hourly wage.

Previous strikes have seen restaurant workers stage walk-outs but this latest strike is apparently set to be the biggest strike so far – with employees in up to 150 cities preparing to protest over a minimum wage increase.

There are currently four million fast food workers in the US and strikes will be centred around increasing the minimum wage and rallying fast food chains to provide better salary packages.

Upcoming strikes will involve thousands of workers across states like California, Wisconsin and New York.

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