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If you have been working in the same industry for some time and want to change, it can be difficult to know how to apply for a job and grab the employer’s attention. Usually employers like to see that you have experience in a similar role and bundles of work experience as it demonstrates that you have a passion for the industry and the right skills to complete the job. So if you have never worked in the industry before, how do you get this passion across when writing a cover letter?

Cover Letter Writing

Get Experience

If you are considering changing careers then you should look into gaining some work experience in your chosen field first as this will help when it comes to writing a cover letter. Try to gain experience, whether it’s volunteering or an internship, to boost your resume content. Not only will this help to give you an insight into the industry and whether it’s the correct career move for you, but it will also show the employer your dedication to the industry. By gaining experience and writing about this on your cover letter, the employer is more likely to feel you want a long term career and that you are passionate about it so try to do this before you consider applying for jobs.

Highlight Transferrable Skills

If you have limited experience in the industry then you should try and highlight your transferrable skills. Whether it’s sales and negotiation skills, good customer service or creativity – highlight the skills that most employers will be looking for and detail how you have proven these in your past jobs. You should also use the cover letter to briefly explain how you would use these skills in the industry you are applying to and how you feel they would benefit the employer.

Explain Your Move

In order for an employer to understand your reasons for wanting to work in the industry, you need to understand them too. Are you looking for a new challenge? Have you always wanted to work within this industry? Whatever the reason use your cover letter to explain your motivation for leaving your job and ensure you highlight that it’s a long term goal.

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