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When you are applying for a job you will need to enclose a copy of your resume template and you will also need to write a cover letter. So what should you include in your cover letter during a job application?

Cover Letter Writing

Reference Your Resume

In your cover letter ensure you reference your resume. Your cover letter is there to support your resume and to personalise your job application. Use the cover letter to talk about your resume and experience. Reference your previous work experience, mention your skills and talk about your career aspirations. Although your resume is designed to list your skills and work experience, your cover letter allows you to elaborate on it and to tell the employer more about you as a candidate.

Highlight Key Skills

Your cover letter should include your key skills but it should also use examples to support them. Your resume will list your key skills but the cover letter should be used to explain how you have used these on the job. For instance, if your resume says you have good customer service skills – explain how you have used these skills in your cover letter and explain how they have had an impact on your previous employers.

Personalise It

Ensure you personalise your cover letter. Use the employer’s name and ensure you make it personal to them. This will help to build rapport and hopefully will help you to secure a job interview.

Reference the Position

Refer to the job description in your cover letter and explain how you are the right person for the role. Match the specifications of the job to your own experience and skills and use your cover letter to outline how you can have a positive impact on the position.


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