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Writing a cover letter is difficult but it can be even more difficult if you are about to leave college. With minimal work experience to add to your resume and preparing to leave the world of education, you could be feeling a little nervous. But don’t despair – if you’re struggling to find content for your cover letter check out our tips below:  

Cover Letter Tips

Use Your Skills

If you haven’t had much work experience, don’t fret – you can still add your key skills to your resume and cover letter and highlight these by using examples of your work at college. Was there a particular project that you excelled in? Was there a class that you stood out in? If so try to think why and include this on your cover letter. For example: ‘I have strong sales skills and this has been outlined during my time in my media class. During one assignment I was tasked to find out some insider information from a local newspaper and using my rapport building skills I was able to persuade the reporter to speak to me off record.” Using a scenario from your college experience to outline your key skills will help to develop your cover letter writing.


Finished an internship during your time at college? Include it in your cover letter! Use your resume to outline your previous work experience, even if it includes internships or voluntary work. But you can use your cover letter to outline this even more by explaining what skills you demonstrated in the role and why you think they would be valuable to the company.

Research the Company

One of the best ways you can make an impact in your cover letter is by explaining to the employer why you want to work for their company and why you think you would be a good fit for the role. Not enough candidates flatter employers in cover letters. Sure, your cover letter needs to be about you and why they should invite you to an interview, but give them something else to read too by telling them why you want to be the next person they hire. Not only will this show you are driven and keen to find out more about the role, but it demonstrates to the employer that you have done your research – which is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd.

So if you’re preparing to leave college hopefully these cover letter tips will help you to write your first job application. If you need help on writing a resume, why not use our online resume tool?

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