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When applying for a job, your cover letter could be the difference between impressing the employer and making no impact.  Although your resume is crucial, your cover letter can make you stand out from the crowd and is just as crucial. Here’s how it can help you to beat the competition:

Cover Letters


Your resume will be full of the skills you possess that make you right for the job but you can elaborate on these in your cover letter. Your cover letter allows you to write more about your skills and expertise and to elaborate on your skills by adding content about real life experiences. Although in your resume you can list key responsibilities in your previous roles, it doesn’t allow much opportunity to talk about work achievements or projects that you have excelled in. You should use your cover letter to explain achievements in more detail. Reference skills listed on your resume and outline how you put these into action on the job. If you have any figures or statistics to support your work include these too. Demonstrating how you actively use your skills in the work place will help the employer to imagine what kind of impact you could have on their company.


Sending a generic cover letter to a number of employers won’t make you stand out, but sending personalised, enthusiastic cover letters will definitely help you to stand out from your competition. Employers will automatically be able to tell if you aren’t enthusiastic in your cover letter so it is vital that you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and the industry. Highlight positions you have worked in before, explain why you want to work in the industry and reference the job role you are applying to. It’s crucial that you show enthusiasm for both the job and the company if you want to impress the interviewer. Research the job, pick out key responsibilities, refer to your own experience and resume and be passionate about what you write.


One of the reasons to write a cover letter is because it allows you to add a bit of personality to your job application. Spend time creating a picture for the employer. Give them some background information about you and your professional career and try to paint a picture of where you would like your career to go – preferably tie this in with the job role and how you see yourself developing with the company.

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