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Writing a resume is the first step in every job hunt.  But writing a cover letter is also a crucial part of applying for a job. Here’s why…

Cover Letter Writing

Outline More Than Just Your Skills

Your resume template will demonstrate to an employer your key skills and work experience. But a cover letter allows you to go one step further by introducing your personality and key achievements. Although a cover letter is short and sweet (usually one page or less) it allows you to elaborate on things you have included in your resume. For example past work achievements, projects you have worked on, charitable events you have worked on and any other topics that support your resume. A good cover letter can really help an employer to understand whether you are the right fit for their brand.

Stand Out

If an employer receives hundreds of resumes for a job vacancy, how do you make yours stand out? A well written cover letter can help you to make your application different from the rest. By aligning your cover letter content with the position and by highlighting what makes you the right person for the role, you could secure yourself a job interview.

Focus Your Application

Sometimes it can be tough to know what to include in a resume but writing a cover letter can help you decide resume content. Use the cover letter to research the company and to highlight key achievements that are relevant. This will help you decide what content to focus on when it comes to writing the resume.

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