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Cover letters are just as important as resumes when it comes to applying for a job. Your cover letter can help you to enhance your job application and it gives the employer a chance to find out more about you as a candidate and why you want to work for them. When you’re preparing to apply for your next job, don’t just send out a generic cover letter – check out our tips below to help you make it extraordinary!

Cover Letter Tips

Research the Company

Researching the company you are applying to is the first step in improving your cover letter. Researching will help you to decide what content to put on your cover letter and will help you to make your content relevant. Look at the company website to find out more about them – click through to their blog and staff pages to find out more about the company’s ethos and goals. Try using social media to connect with the company too – look at their recent posts and photos as this will help you to get a well rounded view of their business. You can now use this information to not only explain what you like about the company, but why you are the ideal fit for them.

Personalise It

Personalising your cover letter can automatically make it stand out from the rest. Employers can receive hundreds of cover letters so it’s vital that you make yours read differently to other candidates applying for the position. Find out the name of the hiring manager or the person recruiting for this position and label your cover letter for their attention. Use what you know about the job description and company to further personalise your application. Ensure you outline the key skills you have that are applicable to the job role so the employer can start to visualise you as part of their team.


When writing a resume you probably concentrate on the layout and design of it, but not many people think of this when writing a cover letter. But layout is vital on your cover letter too. If you send an employer a cover letter that has pages and pages of text without any breaks they may not want to read it. Instead ensure your cover letter has paragraphs of text that are all relevant to the job and try to keep it short and sweet.  

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