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With so much competition on the job market it’s now more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and make your resume writing and cover letter writing different to the rest. If you are currently writing a cover letter and you are struggling to make it stand out check out the tips below.

Cover Letter Tips


Layout is important when it comes to writing a cover letter although many candidates don’t think of it. Many candidates when applying for a job simply write content down and attach it to their resume. However, if you concentrate on layout and making your cover letter look different from your competition then you are more likely to stand out from the crowd. Look at samples from your chosen industry and look at ways to layout your cover letter – consider using templates, images and colour to design it.


Personalising your cover letter can really help to grab the employer’s attention. Employers receive hundreds of applications and so to ensure yours gets read you should try and make it personal to the company you are applying to. Look at the job description, pick out the key skills that you have that are required for the role and highlight any previous work experience that is relevant. Link this all to the company you are applying to and try and get the employer to visualise what impact you could have by working for them.


There will be plenty of other cover letters for the employer to read that will outline skills relevant to the job role. But one way to make yours stand out is to highlight work experience and professional achievements and use statistics to illustrate your success. Highlighting statistics and the impact you had in your previous position will give the employer something tangible to work with. Statistics on how many sales you made or your customer service rates will give the employer a quantifiable cover letter and will make it easier for them to imagine your role in their organisation and the changes you could make.

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