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During a job hunt you’ll probably revisit your resume time and time again to make small tweaks and to perfect it. But you should also revisit your cover letter writing to ensure you are improving it. For every job role you apply to you should write a personalised cover letter and tell the employer why you are the right candidate for the job and why you want to work for them. Here are our simple steps to help you improve your cover letter writing:

Cover Letter Tips

Keep It Concise

Just like when reading a resume an employer wants to get to the key information as fast as possible. If your cover letter is pages long and all of the relevant information is hard to find, then an employer may get bored quite quickly and move on to the next resume. To ensure you keep their interest keep your cover letter short and sweet – preferably a few paragraphs long. The job of your cover letter is to entice the employer to want to find out more about you as a candidate and to invite you to a job interview. So there’s no need to go into too much depth.

Link It to the Job Description

Your cover letter should refer to the job you are applying to because you should be telling the employer the key skills you have that can make you successful in the role and you should also reference why you want to work within the position. Read the job description and note down the key tasks and what skills a candidate may have to have to complete them. Then use your cover letter to personalise your own resume and experience to the job. This should help the employer to visualise what you would be like in the work place.

Tell Them Why You Want to Work for Them

You resume will have lots and lots of work experience, education and skills listed on it and your cover letter is your chance to support these. But your cover letter also gives you the chance to tell an employer why you want to work for their organisation and what you could bring to the prospective role. Look through your previous positions, achievements and qualifications and link them to the job role you are applying for to show the employer why they should hire you!

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