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When applying for jobs you may think you need to create an award–winning resume template. But as well as writing a resume you need to write a concise and creative cover letter. A well written cover letter will grab the employer’s attention, make your application stand out from the rest and could even help you to gain a job interview. Check out these tips below to help you maximise your cover letter writing skills.


Cover Letters

Be Concise

When you are writing a cover letter it is crucial that you keep it concise and get to the point. An employer won’t have time to read pages and pages of a cover letter as they will probably be inundated with job applications. So try and capture your best points and skills at the top of the cover letter and ensure you personalise it. A cover letter may be the only thing that makes you stand out from the crowd – especially if other candidates have the same qualifications – so address the cover letter to the employer personally and make it an interesting read.

Be Relevant

Try to keep all of the content relevant. When you write your cover letter ensure you make your skills and experience relevant to the employer by using examples of work and achievements. Spend time re-reading the job description and company information. What are they asking for from a candidate? What experience do you need to fulfill the job? What responsibilities does the job have? Ensure you address these in the cover letter and explain why you are the right candidate for the position.

Be Different

If the job advert asks for someone with good sales skills don’t just say ‘I have good sales skills’ on your cover letter. Instead use examples from previous positions to outline how your sales skills have been demonstrated on the job. This way the employer can see the impact you may have on their company.

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